Monday, February 28, 2011

Falsk informasjon fra turoperatør

En av de norske Route 66 turoperatørene averterer med at de har egne avtaler med de amerikanske Route 66 organisasjonene. Dette er ikke tilfelle, ingen turoperatører har egne avtaler/samarbeid med de amerikanske organisasjonene.Som eneste Route 66 organisasjon i Norge har vi tett kontakt med de amerikanske organisasjonene. Ingen av dem har noengang hørt om denne turoperatøren. Les deres respons her:

Michael WallisNo one has exclusive rights when it comes to the state associations and the people of the Mother Road. Anyone who tries such a thing will be quickly smelled out and most likely end up being shunned instead of embraced.

As one of the primary forces behind the Route 66 movement as well as a founder of the Route 66 Alliance, I condemn any attempt to claim sole rights over any aspect of our beloved highway.

Michael Wallis

Ken "the Landrunner" Turmel

Greetings Fellow Route 66'ers!

As an honorary lifetime member of the Illinois Route 66 Association, as well as being an active promoter and supporter of Route 66 in all eight states, I have heard discouraging word that there are certain overseas tour companies who now claim to have special exclusive rights, priviledges and partnerships with all of the eight Route 66 Associations here in America. This is not so and cannot be allowed whatsoever. The purpose and goals of the eight state associations is to benefit ALL of the travelers, both foreign and domestic, who wish to experience the wonderul and exciting journey along our cherished Mother Road.

In conclusion, no one person, nor any tour company may have the right to make such claims. Doing so is considered to be trickery to induce customers. Any Route 66 tour company that claims they have special exclusive rights, priviledges and partnerships with any of the Route 66 Associations, museums and roadside businesses is speaking falsehoods and therefore cannot not be trusted. It is advised, to all travel visitors who are seeking to enjoy a Route 66 adventure vacation tour, that they should completely avoid any and all such companies who make these false claims.

Best Regards,
Ken "the landrunner" Turmel ~
Two Lane America Tour Guide,
Adventurer, Historian, Writer, Artist


To whom it may concern,

The Route 66 Association of Illinois and the Illinois Red Carpet Corridor Organization will work with any individual or organization,foreign or domestic. Our goal is to help Promote, Preserve, Educate and Enjoy Route 66 in Illinois and all the other states that the Mother Road travels through. You can learn more by visiting our Website,

John Weiss
corresponding secretary

Kansas:Hi Trond,
Glad to hear from you.

Thanks for the info on the other person in Norway that thinks he owns Route 66. Well he does not . Route 66 belongs to all who love and promote it, not those who try to own and control it and I might say in a deceitful manner.

Scott Nelson
Route 66 Association of Kansas
Old Riverton Store
Riverton Kansas

National Historic Route 66 Association:

Good to hear from you, Trond.

The National Historic Route 66 Federation works with many reputable vendors and organizations, domestic and abroad, to promote Route 66.
Please contact us at for more information.Absolutely no person or entity can claim any kind of exclusivity when it comes to Route 66. The mere idea is ridiculous. Route 66 and everything it represents is for all people, from all parts of the world. The name cannot be trade marked. It is for the public.

New Mexico Route 66 Association:

Dear Trond,

The New Mexico Route 66 Association gladly works with any organization, domestic and abroad, in the promotion and preservation of Route 66, our beloved Mother Road. Please contact us at for more information.


Vickie Ashcraft, President
New Mexico Route 66 Association
1415 Central Ave. NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106

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